The Lucky 13


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How was your Fourth of July? Did you eat too much food? Drank too much beer? I know I ate too much. I was supposed to follow what diet? We barbecued for the first time in umpteen years and, oh my goddess. What have I been doing depriving myself all these years? That grill will be used a-plenty this year.

I didn’t even bother going out to watch fireworks. I just stand in my front yard and be entertained that way. No crowds, no fighting with traffic. All the fun and excitement of a party from the comfort of my home. :)

Here’s my roundup of all my favorite links this week. Have a great weekend!

  1. Being a music fan back then and now.
  2. Remembering the 19 Arizona firefighters who lost their lives this week.
  3. The teaser trailer of The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug set to the animated  version of The Hobbit.
  4. Could these be the best chocolate chip cookies ever? Possibly…
  5. I never thought about making my own hot dog buns…
  6. Don’t know what to do with all those cherries this summer? Make some roasted cherry bourbon milkshakes.
  7. Peach Margaritas
  8. 24 of the most pretentious things ever.
  9. Photos these men constructing the Empire State Building. Oh my God, I get vertigo looking at these. 0.0
  10. Portraits of men wearing their girlfriends clothes.
  11. This teacher wore the same outfit every year for picture day for 40 years.
  12. A five year old girl with an IQ of 159(!) paints amazing watercolors.
  13. The perfect summer drink.

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