Bye Egon

5 Things To Make:

  1. Now I’m inspired to do something with my Altoid Tins
  2. Citrus Shortbread Cookies @ The Fresh Exchange
  3. Vanilla Milk Gelato @ Savory Simple
  4. 3 No Knead Bread Recipes @ Say Yes
  5. Low Fat Peanut Butter Banana Muffins @ Skinnytaste

5 Things To See:

  1. Time travelling celebrities. Hmm…
  2. A village for people suffering with dementia. 
  3. The Sidekick Series – a series about rescued dogs and cats.
  4. This four year old makes paper dresses with her mom and they look awesome!
  5. Whiskey Honey Honey Toasted Walnuts. Delish!

5 Things To Do:

  1. Make social anxiety your bitch
  2. I’ve been doing my laundry wrong all this time?
  3. 10 ways to show love to someone suffering with depression.
  4. Get your home ready for spring.
  5. How to stop caring about what people think.

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